What Chilli Means To Me

When I was just a young man, I had produced a yearning desire for spicy foods. Actually, it might have been for the spice, not the food. As soon as I came to be 10 years old, I had decided to put tabasco, red cayenne pepper and chilli flakes into everything I could truthfully consume. When I was much older, I began to adore the flavors of hot and spicy chilli sauces like “Nando’s XX Hot Peri Peri Sauce” from Australia. Because I treasured spice a lot more than you’d probably believe, I came to the conclusion to go on searching, and exploring the globe to find the best tasting hot sauces available to man. Now I only say “best tasting” because receiving a burning sensation is an important thing, however, having an amazing taste while my body starts to sweat and burn is truly amazing!

I conducted a great deal of study and my endeavours concluded in what follows. The “Carolina Reaper” ended up being undoubtedly the greatest chilli pepper on the planet. The “Reaper” chilli pepper was in fact a little something I tried once, and it’s something I wouldn’t try anytime soon, or ever again. I made up my mind that the “Carolina Reaper” must be infused with a sauce in some way to create an amazingly scorching hot sauce. Somewhere in the USA, I stumbled upon my fantasy. The incredible hot sauce of my dreams! “Smokin’ Ed’s Reaper Squeezins”. This became it. The new sauce I had tried to find. At this point, trust me when I state that “Smokin’ Ed’s Reaper Squeezins” doesn’t just put you on fire. It throws you into a world of extreme spice and heat! The best part is, it tastes delicious! However, I still do take advantage of the classics, such as traditional tabasco, red cayenne style pepper, and together with a personal favourite of my own “Diemen’s Orignal Hot Sauce”.

I was and still am, very intrigued about why I loved chilli peppers. In other words why I loved high concentration levels of capsaicin. The very first time I met my father was after I turned 16 years old. It had been then which I learned where my passion originated from. Like my father before me, I too am a chilli enthusiast.

Advantages of Cacao Powder

Walking through a health shop in the high street or even going through some of the healthier options online, you may come across cacao powder and wonder what it is used for. Is it a chocolate replacement? Can it really make an impact on your health? Why do so many people rely on this product daily?

Cacao powder provides you with a host of health benefits that you can take advantage of and once you start using the product on a regular basis, chances are you are not going to look back.

The first benefit to cacao powder is that it can help manage mood swings caused by hormonal changes. Whether it’s that time of the month or you are going through hormonal changes, the product helps to calm your mood and help you balance your moods to ensure that you don’t go from one extreme to another. Teenagers and many women will go through mood swings at some point in their lives, this is usually due to serious hormonal changes taking place in the body, using this product helps you get a handle on your mood and reduce the risk of going off for the slightest thing, helping you take control of your mind and mood now and in the future.

Next you will find that one of the proven benefits to cacao powder is that it can help protect the heart. It has proven to improve heart health, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. If you want to enjoy a healthy heart for as long as possible, then this may be the product you want to incorporate into your diet now and moving forward.

Another major benefit of this product which has many people queuing up at the health store is that it can reduce the signs of aging. We all get older, there isn’t anything we can do about that and with age comes a reduction in collagen production, which leads to fine lines and wrinkles over time. As we age we feel older, but with this product you can hide the signs of aging and help yourself feel younger for longer. This is one benefit you don’t want to miss out on.

Cacao powder has proven that it is very good at boosting energy levels. Sometimes we all need that added boost to get us going; we can’t be bursting with energy at all times. If you have noticed your energy levels declining or you have been unwell and are lacking energy, then using this powder can give you that little extra boost that you so desperately need.

Further, you will find that taking cacao powder on a regular basis can help lower blood pressure; this is the ideal option for anyone who suffers from hypertension. High blood pressure can be dangerous to your overall health and lead to heart attack and stroke, so you want to ensure you work on lowering your blood pressure at all times. This usually requires taking regular medication, but you can help it along taking the powder, you may be able to get it to a point where you don’t need regular medication moving forward.

The final benefit of cacao powder that you may not have realised is that it can help improve your metabolism. Anyone who wants to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight will tell you that you need to speed up your metabolism. A slow metabolism can quickly lead to you putting on some very unwelcome weight. With the cacao powder your metabolism is boosted and you can enjoy the benefits that come along with that.

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The Many Uses for Bulk Pectin

Bulk pectin is sold in stores as a white or light brown powder. Naturally found in the cell walls of land plants, it is mainly extracted from citrus fruits. This heteropolysaccharide is versatile with many different uses.

Gelling Agent

The most common use for bulk pectin is as a gelling agent for jams and jellies. Without it, many jams or marmalades would be nothing more than sweet juices. In most households, it is not used straight; instead, the agglutinate is added to sugar and some citric acid. However, in some areas you can purchase a blended powder in order to skip the mixing step. Conventional jams require the use of a high-ester gelling agent while diet products require a low-ester variety.


Not only is pectin used as a gelling agent in jams and jellies, but it is also used in confectionery jellies to give them a good structure. The stabilizer works to give your snack a nice clean bite and a good release of flavor.

While making a confectionary jelly is one of the most common stabilizer uses, it is far from the only one. This substance is also found in protein drinks and yogurt in order to improve pulp stability in fruit drinks. While it is considered an additive, only about to 0.5 to 1.0 percent of the substrate is used. This is equivalent to the amount found naturally in fresh fruits.

Medical Uses

Controlled release medication often employs bulk pectin as a method to stabilize the medication. The substance is also found in colon-specific delivery systems and gastro-retentive medications. Those who have to have mucoadhesive delivery also use this stabilizer due to its lack of toxicity.

In addition to being used in medications, pectin has also been tested as a cancer treatment. The substrate binds to the cancer cell surface and disrupts the mitochondrial processes. While not a popular treatment yet, the binding agents are now in phase two of trials for further evaluation of their effectiveness.

A final way that medicine uses this substrate is in antidiarrheal products. These medications help to reduce the volume of the stool produced while improving its quality. They also decrease the amount of fluids needed for rehydration and shorten the illness timeframe.


Some cigar manufacturers use vegetable glue to seal tobacco wrapper leaves on their cigars, but some have switched to bulk pectin instead. In fact, those who collect cigars will use the substance in order to repair damaged leaves. It is an excellent substitute and doesn’t take away from the taste of the cigar.

Eating And Drinking Habits

Eating and drinking is probably more favorite than sex. Sex is more intense, but food satisfies on a daily basis and that often three or more times a day. The art is to vary kinds of food, from the ordinary to the exquisite, from water to wine and back. It is up to the individual Christian whether one believes in fasting or not. Some people fast not on religious grounds, but for reasons of health.

On the left side of the golden mean in these matters there is unhealthy business that can deteriorate. Some people literally want to be like animals, they strive for this and they eat raw meat. There is nothing wrong with appreciating filet americain, but if one entertains a predilection for raw meat, then there is something seriously wrong with you. In the desert the Israelites of ancient times ate raw quails and the judgment of God came over them. Cannibalism is rare and very criminal of course. But on the right there is the rare Hindu idea of attempting to live off air as such. People that believe in that seem to have a suicide wish and at least are very desperate. The apostle Paul states that those that eat meat, should not despise those that only want to consume vegetables (like the Seventh Day Adventists). But the vegetarians should not condemn those that eat meat. Also here one can get trapped by extreme life styles such as veganism and even diets on juices only (of course pure juices, not the sugary junk that you buy in the super market). But even this can serve for a good temporary purpose.

Out of routine one can develop lopsided eating and drinking habits, such as eating too many hamburgers and drinking too much cola. But John the Baptist fared well with a diet on wild honey and grasshoppers. But of course, when back out of the desert also he must have enjoyed a good glass of wine over a sturdy dinner. I remember when young that sugar was a treat. Now people in the Western World have become sweet tooths and that to such an extent that it is dangerous. Sugar can even be found in sambal. But our habits are difficult to break. But we must, if we want to be serious about our national and individual health.

Diets such as the one by Dr. Atkins are dangerous for one’s blood pressure, not to mention one’s heart. Many are the souls that have tried alternative food styles by will-o’-the-wisps out of a desperate desire to lose weight or to gain their health back. I admit that these are confusing times to acquire knowledge about healthy diets. In Japan people learn already about food from a young age. People like Jamie Oliver face an uphill battle against food moguls and lethargic eaters. Also we tend to go for cheap rubbish instead of things that are good for us. But what is wiser, to save money in the short run and to run up expensive medical bills once one is older; or to go for health, energy and a general feeling of well being?

Many go from one extreme to the next and get stranded in exaggerated training of the body. Also to the detriment of quality time with one’s family and study opportunities for one’s career. Some resort to anabolic steroids just to look healthy and strong and in the process they ruin their body and deviate from their original intentions. Insanity training is just that, insanity.

From a biblical perspective there is found some healthy advise. Once in a while make merry on the occasion of a birth day or wedding. Get tipsy once in a while (unless you are a reformed alcoholic), but let the situation not get out of hand. The Bible warns against over doing it, but also advertises a jolly good dose of merriment once in while. Paul advises Timothy, his convert, to drink a bit of wine for the sake of his health. Then Solomon states that the righteous person eats to satisfaction of his soul. That means we should not keep eating to still our nerves or to eat too much habitually to deal with a deeper problem of emotional pain. To resolve the latter we are advised to live off every word that comes out of the mouth of God.

Eat Healthy and Live Healthy With Organic Food

Organic food is popular today due to their health benefits. As such foods are grown without modifications in safe soil, they are nutritious, safe and sustainable options over their conventional counterparts. Growing such crops does not allow the use of bioengineered genes, synthetic pesticides, sewage sludge-based fertilisers and petroleum-based fertilisers. Any use of growth hormones, antibiotics and animal by-products in raising them is discouraged.

Benefits of Organically Grown Foods

They offer benefits in a number of ways. They are replete with beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants. Also, people who are allergic to foods, preservatives and chemicals, may find their symptoms reduce or go away with the adoption of organic food in their daily life. Organic items have lesser pesticides like herbicides, fungicides and insecticides as they may remain in the conventional produce in the form of residues.

Free of Genetically Modified Organisms

Organically produced food is fresher as it is devoid of preservatives. In addition, it is free from genetically modified organisms or genetically engineered produce. Such animals or plants have their DNA altered in ways which cannot occur in traditional crossbreeding. GMOs are engineered basically to make the food produce resistant to herbicides. It is better for environment as organic farming practices decrease pollution and tend to conserve water, increase soil fertility, use less energy and reduce soil erosion.

Organic Cattle Farming Must be Adopted

Organic cattle farming is also devoid of any growth hormones, antibiotics and other animal by-products. Therefore, meat production or poultry farming reduces the effect of diseases in humans. Organic beef and milk comes from the cattle feeding on grass which is different from the conventional animals who feed on grains. Both organic milk and meat are rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids with around 50 percent higher levels than their conventionally raised versions.

Go Natural, Be Biologically Diverse

The best thing about the organically grown items is that they depend upon biological diversity instead of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. They contain natural fertilizers like compost and manure. While carrying out farming for such products, weeds are naturally controlled through hand weeding, tilling, mulching and crop rotation. Insects are controlled through natural methods, such as traps, birds and good insects.

Avoid Produce with High Pesticide Content

Farmers who support such practices are completely against weed control through chemical herbicides, use of insecticides, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. It is to be paid attention that organic labels especially matter in certain produce like apples, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, potatoes, grapes, tomatoes, peaches, strawberries and kale. This is because they are known to have the highest levels of pesticide on average when organically grown, thus, making them best to be bought organic.

Is Sushi Healthy?

At its basic level sushi that can decide whether you’ll be able enough to shed weight or not. Sushi is generally seen as a positive addition to health conscious individuals’ meal plans. It is true that sushi has many advantages for the body.

Although sushi is good for you the more traditional the sushi the better it usually is for you. As of late, different kinds of western sushi also have been created. Western sushi dishes are also produced from high fat kinds of fish like tuna, yellow tail, swordfish and other types of fish but what generally sets apart the western style is the addition of sauces that can raise the calorie count of the rolls and sway it from being a healthy choice to one that is not so great for your body. If you are looking to stay healthy and eat sushi the best bet is to stay traditional, and get the basic rolls or sashimi without extra sauces.

While sushi is really a dish made from raw fish or alternative seafood with rice infused with vinegar and functions as a principal course meal, sashimi is usually served at the very beginning of the meal for a cleanser and appetizer. Sashimi is also great for your body because it is just the fresh fish that is cut and eaten as it. There are no hidden calories in spicy mayo sauces or anything like that, so if you are looking to stick with the healthiest lunches you can you might want to look just at keeping sashimi as your choice.

Now, you have many kinds of sushi, which are created with a broad selection of ingredients. As said above, there are assorted forms of sushi, and different types of ways to prepare the sushi. As mentioned above the more western style of sushi usually incorporates some type of fusion between new world tastes and original sushi ideas. Since, sushi is chiefly created from fish, it’s saturated with omega-3 fatty acids.

L-carnitine is an amino acid found within your body within the liver. In such instances, excess consumption may possibly not be healthy in the very long run. The food balances reasonable carbs together with a low-fat, superior protein fish so this is another great example of what you can get from eating sashimi or sushi.

As the nutritional value of sushi is dependent on its ingredients, it is wise to have good understanding of what is inside your rolls and how this impacts your body. One of the easiest ways to ensure you are getting a healthy meal out if it is to make your own sushi at home. The ingredients are easy to find and it is very possible to get these things at any well-stocked community supermarket but for the nori, which you might need to visit a Asian market for. In case you are worried about the nutritional factors, then inquire about the ingredients, before selecting a specific sushi variety. Making your own salmon sashimi is a great way to enjoy fresh fish and save a lot of money as well.

In case the nori is rolled up within the sushi as an alternative to showing on the surface, it really is called uramaki, or inside-out maki. The California roll is a favorite because it’s seen as a `no-risk’ sushi, since it doesn’t have some raw fish. Each place has its very own special direction of preparing sashimi.

3 Chicken Dinner Recipes That Are Low Calorie and Tasty

Check out the below listed recipes:

Yummy aspagarus with chicken

Chicken is a superb dish, which adds variety and always tastes out of the world, no matter how you prepare it. In order to prepare this; you will need to garner some locally available ingredients like cumin seed, fennel seeds, onions sliced, garlic, ginger, chili, coconut milk, cilantro, asparagus, canola oil, asparagus, chicken, cilantro as required and salt to taste.

Procedure to prepare:

First, you should heat the pan and put required oil followed by the cumin and fennel seeds. Make sure to sauté these for two minutes. Then you can add the chicken and cook it at a medium flame. Cook it at a stretch unless and until it turns brown, but make sure to stir it nicely till it becomes tender.

Next, you should add all the spices including the onion, ginger, garlic paste and stir with the chicken. Make sure to sprinkle the asparagus and blend it well with the rest items. Now it is time to add the coconut milk along with the required salt. Simply mix it nicely unless both the asparagus and chicken are tender. Lastly, once cooked just spread the cilantro on top of the prepared dish.

Sour lemon chicken

Lemon has its own flavour, and definitely, when you add with any item no doubt it tastes mind blowing. Now it is time to collect the ingredients. You should add take two lemons, cornstarch, chicken bouillon, boneless chicken, apple juice and cooking spray.


First, you have to mix the cornstarch, apple juice, lemon juice, and chicken bouillon, make sure that it becomes a smooth paste. In addition, cut the chicken into small pieces.

Secondly, you should heat the pan on a medium flame and sauté the chicken for about ten minutes unless the colour changes to pink. Next, you should put the smooth sauce on the oil and stir it on a medium flame. Once done with these, add the chicken pieces in to the apple juice and blend it well for about 5 to 7 minutes.

Over all, it will take twenty-five minutes to prepare the tasty delightful dish.

Chicken risotto grilled

Chicken risotto when served on your dinner plate obviously adds a flavour, now time to check out the ingredients. You should collect the boneless chicken, make sure that should be without skin, and then take zucchini that should be sliced, creamy risotto, sliced tomato

Process to prepare:

Firstly, you have to prepare the risotto as directed. Then you should prepare the zucchini for grilling at the same time, put oil in the chicken.

Secondly, you should cook the chicken for twelve minutes on the heat pan and grill the zucchini on the griller unless and until both of these are soft.

Thirdly, once you are done, simply place the cooked chicken and the zucchini from the pan and slice them into teeth -cutting pieces. In the meantime, you have to make a paste of tomato and peas, simply dip the chicken and Zucchini into the mixture.

Hope you will love to have these entire low calorie recipes, which will not affect your health. In fact, it would give you the best of both worlds, in terms of taste as well as keep a check on your health.

After a long tiresome day, when you are on the dining table to dine, the first thing, which catches your attention, is the mind-blowing aroma of the delicious chicken. As if, the dishes are waiting to greet you. Your mummy or your wife knows well that you are a die-hard chicken fan. Still being your well-wisher that has to keep a check to your mouth. However, make sure to prepare that with love and care so that your loved one can understand your true feelings, simultaneously will definitely endeavor your effort.

Top 5 Diets in The World You Should Know

The Cabbage Soup diet

The Cabbage Soup diet is as it sounds, eat cabbage soup instead of your main meals and very little else. It reduces the calorie levels of the body to the point of near starvation. You are allowed fruits and vegetables next to the soup, but you should eat as to feel satisfied not stuffed.

This system should not be used for more than a week as it is generally used when the weight is to be lost very quickly, for example, for a wedding. Alcohol is forbidden, water and unsweetened juices are the only beverages you should drink throughout the week. You will lose weight fairly quickly on this diet, but is only suitable as a very short-term solution, the side effects include flatulence and bad breath.

People with long-term health conditions should consult a medical professional, but for people otherwise healthy adjustment, this diet should not cause harm.

The Atkins diet

The Atkins diet is a low carbohydrate diet. If we reduce the amount of carbohydrates and eating more protein and fat, our bodies will naturally lose weight by burning our stored fat much more efficiently.

The problem with the Atkins diet is that because the body burns its own fat, depending on what you eat, it can have some unpleasant side effects in some people, such as bad breath and constipation. And with such a restricted diet, where you eat a very limited amount of fruits and vegetables and protein simply just pure and saturated fat, you increase your risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

The potential is there to lose a lot of weight very quickly on the Atkins diet you will tend to feel full longer by eating lots of carbohydrates, but this kind of diet when long-term monitoring is dangerous for your health.

South Beach diet

The South Beach diet is quite similar to the Atkins diet in that it is another low in carbohydrates and proteins rich diet, except that it is much more balanced. Instead of sticking rigidly to low carb foods throughout the dieting phase, it focuses on how each of good and bad carbohydrate foods impact your sugar levels in the blood.

You hold two weeks of strict retaining what you can and can not eat and from there you can start introducing carbohydrates and healthy fruit to your diet again, it is all about experimentation with your diet and watching the weight patterns, learn what triggers your body to gain weight. If you start to gain weight again, you can easily return to the strict diet for two weeks.

As low-carb diets go, it is a much healthier diet because it not only encourages dieters not to cut anything and eat everything in moderation to maintain a healthy weight. This means that you are much more likely to stick to this plan and achieve your goals successfully.

The Zone diet

The Zone diet is different from other systems in that it discourages consumption of carbohydrates, bad fats, processed foods and sugars and focuses more on us eating more meat, fruits and vegetables. Dieters are encouraged to also calculate the amount of calories they need one and it also encourages regular eating habits and regular consumption of good fats and low glycemic foods.

It is a healthy way of eating and controlled which ensures effective weight loss, although many people may find it costly and difficult to follow.

Detox diet

Detox diets involve either not to use or attempt to flush out the substances that are considered useless or harmful. Examples include limiting the consumption of foods without dyes or preservatives, taking supplements, or drink large amounts of water.

Tips for a Healthier Heart

It is clear as crystal – your diet has a profound effect on your physical and mental health. When combined with a regular physical exercise routine, adequate sleep and minimal-stress lifestyle, you pave way towards a long and healthy life!

In terms of cardiovascular health, it is a well-known fact that a healthy diet comprising of certain heart-friendly foods work wonders to keep heart diseases at bay. With cardiovascular diseases being the numero uno killer of men and women globally, it is important to maintain a healthy heart by consuming foods that help lower cholesterol levels, control blood pressure and blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy body weight. Here are a few heart-healthy diet tips that work towards preventing heart diseases.

1. Control your portion size

Eating right begins with eating the right size! Stuffing yourself with food is a sure way to add unwanted calories. Try using a small plate to control your portion size. Incorporate larger portions of fruits and vegetables, while lowering the portions of processed foods. It is a good idea to track the number of portions or servings that you consume. For starters, use a measuring cup, spoon or scale to track the size and weight of your servings.

2. Reduce unhealthy fats

Saturated and trans fats increase the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol – Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) – in your body, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Work towards limiting or entirely cutting out trans fats from your diet. Limit your consumption of processed or packaged foods such as chips and cookies. Replace solid fats such as butter and hydrogenated margarine with liquid vegetable oils such as olive oil or sunflower oil. You can also swap whole milk with low fat or skimmed milk.

3. Incorporate healthy fats

Not all fats are bad for you! Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 6 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats work towards increasing HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol levels that are good for the heart. Fatty fish such as salmon, trout and herring are rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. Vegetable oils and soy nuts are great sources of Omega 6 fatty acids, while peanuts, pecans, almonds, cashews and avocados are good sources of monounsaturated fats. A simple way to add healthy fat to your diet is to grind flaxseed and add it to cereals, breakfast mixes or any baked foods. However, the key is moderation; all types of fats have a high calorie count.

4. Consume low-fat proteins

Lean meats such as poultry and fish, eggs and low-fat dairy products such as skimmed milk are excellent sources of low-fat protein. As previously mentioned, fatty fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel are rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. Alternatively, you can consume flaxseed, canola oil, walnuts and soybeans for vegetarian sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. You can completely substitute animal protein for plant protein by using legumes such as beans, lentils and peas. These are good sources of protein, contain less fat and no cholesterol.

5. Indulge in fruits and vegetables

Besides being super-rich sources of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables are low on calories and may curb your pangs for high-fat foods such as processed foods and snacks. Always keep a bowl of fruit or a box of cut vegetables handy in the refrigerator for some healthy snacking, or to whip up a fresh salad! Incorporate vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, into your cooking. Add legumes such as beans, lentils and beans to your diet. Carrots, tomatoes and celery are rich in insoluble fibre while berries, citrus fruits, beans, nuts, apples and pears are rich in soluble fibre. Both types of fibre are heart-healthy.

6. Be a fan of whole grains!

Whole grains are rich sources of fibre and other vital nutrients that help in regulating blood pressure, thereby maintaining a healthy heart. Substitute white rice and refined flour products such as white bread, biscuits and so on with whole wheat flour, whole grain bread, oatmeal, high-fibre cereals, and whole grains such as brown rice.

7. Reduce your sodium intake

High sodium levels can increase your blood pressure, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Limit your sodium intake by reducing the amount of salt and salty foods in your diet. Avoid foods and condiments with high sodium content such as table salt, canned soups and foods, soy sauce and tomato juice. Replace them with herbs and spices, low sodium labelled foods and sauces and salt substitutes.

How Chili Will Save Your Life!

What most people seem to believe about chilli peppers is that they are spicy, mouth burning, flavour creators of passion! When you ask, most people say, “it’s just a little spicy red thing”.

It’s pretty obvious chillies are ultimate flavour enhancers. However, most people are unaware that these peppers have amazing, super powered health benefits!

It seems that not only are you able give your food a flavour hit, but it helps you with weight loss. So if you’re keen to “drop a few”, make sure to include chilli peppers into your diet plan! This is a good way to boost your metabolism.

According to studies published in Cancer Research (2006), chillies can actually help lower the risk of prostate cancer. This is due to their ability to kill off cancer cells, while causing no harm to others. Another positive outcome is that as a treatment it shows that chilli peppers also reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Diabetes. A word most unpleasant! However, have no fear the chilli pepper is here! Thanks to compounds within the pepper, they immensely lower your risk of developing diabetes. Wow that’s so amazing!

Looks like it’s time to man up and eat some more chilli. According to random studies, chopped up chillies have the positive health benefits of increasing your immune system’s ability to function. How cool is that? Having some sinus problems? No problem! Get your chilli cayenne pepper out and mix it in with that chicken soup! Instant unblocked nose!

Ever heard of a little vitamin called “Vitamin C”? Of course you have! So has “Chilli”. Did you know that chilli peppers have more than double the amount of vitamin C than a tall glass of good old OJ? In addition, a good amount of vitamins A and B are also found within these little peppers!

A few simple ways to include these little miracle workers into your diet are, blending them into smoothies, having them soak in cooking oil to create chilli oil and to just eat them plain and simple! If you have trouble deciding which chilli is the right one for you. Don’t worry there are heaps to choose from. It’s said that green coloured chillies are not as hot as red and orange ones. Also be sure to keep your eye on the little ones. Yes, they sure are the most hot and furious of them all!

My passion has always been spicy foods. Later on in life I came to the conclusion that chillies were what made me love all foods. Hence forth I have been working hard to create information and value for people who don’t know about the amazing powers of chilli peppers.